We are thrilled to have welcomed our first cohort of start-ups. Six exciting projects have been selected by our Selection Committee to be accelerated over the next six months. Meet our cohort !

#1 SharkSafe Barrier 

Their product:  Eco-friendly and effective alternative to shark nets and baited drum lines, based on thick kelp forest biomimicry and magnetic shark deterrents
Their impact: Reduces shark accidents risk, while protecting the ocean biodiversity

#2 Inseco 

Their product: Onsite waste management solution that converts organic wastes into nutritious and cost-effective insect protein as a sustainable alternative to fish-based meals used in livestock farming and aquaculture
Their impact: Reduces over-fishing and GHG emissions

#3 Captain Fanplastic

Their product: Gamified environmental literacy program driving a #NoTrashButTreasure mindset, designed using behavioral science and including e-learning and in-person modules
Their impact: Educates 10-12 year old an environmental literate lifestyle for long-lasting behavioral change that reduces plastic pollution

#4 MeanSea Level

Their product: Overtopping ocean wave energy converter generating electricity for shore-based industries and municipalities
Their impact: Reduces GHG emissions by harvesting wave power resource

#5 Impact-Free Water

Their product: Pump harvesting waves’ potential energy to convert it into pressurized seawater for the aquaculture industry to renew the tanks’ seawater and shore-based industries & municipalities to produce fresh water
Their impact: Reduces GHG emissions by harvesting wave power resource

#6 Symbytech

Their product: Multi-purpose magnetic drone paired with an extraction and filtration system that inspects and cleans boat hulls, filtering, and neutralizing biofouling to allow clean water to be returned
Their impact: Reduces boats’ fuel consumption and imports of alien species by cleaning invasive biomass clogging onto metallic hulls