Presenting our incredible mentors from our first cohort.

We are proud to present some of our most involved mentors. They worked alongside the startups throughout the program, coaching them and helping them to grow their businesses and achieve their goals. Each mentor brought amazing skills to the program. We would like to show our sincere appreciation for the value they are adding to the program.

Each one of the first cohort’s startups was matched with the most relevant mentor.

SharkSafe Barrier, that used eco-friendly kelp forest bio-mimicry technology to deter sharks, creating a safe environment for tourists and protect the sharks was assisted by mentors Lynton Burger and Camilla Swart.

Inseco, that creates animal feed from insects as an alternative to fishmeal was assisted by Blake Dyason and Frederik Gerner.

Captain Fanplastic, that educates youth about pollution issues in an attempt to cause long-term behavioural changes was assisted by Terence Bell.

Mean Sea Level, that uses wave kinetic energy to provide a sustainable source of energy was assisted by David Campey.

Impact-Free Water, that uses potential energy from waves to provide a sustainable energy source was assisted by Kiendel Burritt.

Symbytech, that reduces boats’ fuel consumption and removes potentially invasive species from the hulls of these boats was assisted by Eddie Noble by way of contacts for engineering and development in the local maritime industry.

Lynton is a Cape Town-based Non-Executive Director, ocean impact investor and business advisor/coach. Lynton’s 30-year professional career has taken him to four continents – with sustainable business development, impact investment and marine conservation as key threads. Lynton holds degrees from Rhodes University – MSc (Marine ecology) and from UCT’s Graduate School of Business (MBA).

Camilla’s career has spanned, roles in government, civil society and corporate. She have had a keen interest in innovation and enjoys bringing together local and global stakeholders to deliver on strategic goals.  Camilla has a background in Social Innovation and is a systems thinker, drawing on human-centred design thinking. She is passionate about innovation, entrepreneurship and technology and particularly the transformative role it can play in Africa.

Blake is passionate about growing purpose driven businesses, he is a business consultant at CN&CO, strategic planner, and motivational speaker. As well as giving people great advice for their businesses and life in general, Blake will never turn down an opportunity to help someone in need. Over the years, he has taken part in many events and challenges in order to raise awareness and funding for people and organisations in need.

Frederik is an entrepreneur, an enthusiast, and an engineer. After his studies at the Delft University of Technology, he co-founded Ampelmann Operations, an offshore energy service company providing safe and efficient access for people and cargo offshore between a vessel and fixed structure. Being an environmentally conscious person, Frederik has played an active role as the chairperson of the supervisory board for The Ocean Cleanup for the past five years.

Terence has significant experience with technology start-ups having co-founded 3 start-ups (Fishbole, Poseidon Data & BRR Media) as well as being an angel investor for ocean-related companies. His most recent company, started in April 2020, is Poseidon Data, which is an ocean plastic pollution technology platform which is used by organisations to make better decisions, as well as measure, predict and prevent plastic pollution, with a goal of creating cleaner and more resilient oceans. This made him the perfect mentor for Captain Fanplastic.

David began a career as a software engineer and developer. David later moved towards exploring the uses of technology in agriculture, co-founding DroneClouds, which helps farmers identify crop issues through the use of drones, satellites, cloud computing and crop experts. He is also the founder of Afrolabs, a company striving to create the world we want to live while assisting tech-based start-ups all over Africa achieve the same goal.

Kiendel has 20+ years of experience making investments across Africa. She has a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and practical issues involved in making investments as well as supporting companies in early and growth stages to scale. As the founder of Digital Africa Investment, Kiendel makes investments in and advises digitally-enabled businesses in Africa which have potential for large-scale economic and social impact.

Eddie started his career as a Naval Officer in the South African Navy responsible for tactical systems support and as a project engineer. After leaving the navy, Eddie started an engineering company focused on vessel stabilisation systems, which was later bought out by a large international corporate. He then went into specialised consultancy where he shared his knowledge with maritime companies in the areas of business development, project and engineering management. He was more than happy to volunteer his services to be a mentor and was the perfect man for the job.

OceanHub Africa’s second cohort will be launched in April. Applications open on the 20th of January. Click here to view the application process. We look forward to creating more mentors/startups relationships.