V&A Waterfront’s “Learn to Sea” program supports first cohort.

Over the duration of our first cohort this year, the V&A Waterfront has provided us at OceanHub Africa with amazing support as well as promoting the individual start-ups we’ve been working with. The V&A Waterfront has been showing their support for out start-ups through a short series they called “Learn to Sea”, which they have showcased on their website as well as all their social media platforms.

The purpose of the Learn to Sea program was to spread awareness about what we do here at OceanHub Africa, what the start-ups are all about and educate the public on ocean health and innovation. On a weekly basis, the V&A released a short article on each of the start-ups and run a quiz competition alongside it. This helped to boost public engagement and raise awareness about the start-ups and OceanHub Africa.

Each article explains a little bit about what it is that each start-up is trying to achieve and what ocean challenge each is hoping to address. The six start-ups; SharkSafe Barrier, Inseco, Mean Sea Level, Impact-Free Water, Symbytech and Captain Fanplastic, are all addressing different issues and have come up with some extremely innovative solutions.

A huge thanks to the V&A Waterfront team for all the support and great ideas. We are so grateful to be working alongside the V&A towards creating a hub for ocean innovation and sustainability.

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