Invaluable feedback from our first cohort of startups

Our first cohort came to an end at the Ocean Innovation Africa event in November 2020 and we are incredibly proud of the progress that each of the startups has made. Find below their feedback on the program and learn about their experiences.

Simon Hazell from Inseco: “The OHA program has been very good. Its given us great exposure – far more than any other of the other programs we’ve been on. At this stage of the business, this is considered to be a big benefit.

Lesson learnt: “A company’s secretarial services are essential and should be put in place as soon as possible in order to get funding.

Simon Wijnberg from Impact-Free Water: “The program was very helpful and enabled us to see our business from the “outside”, and develop our strategy appropriately.”

Lesson learnt: “I learnt that there are a lot of different funding opportunities out there and I was able to learn how to tap into those opportunities.”

Sara Andreotti from SharkSafe Barrier: “The program was fantastic. I truly enjoyed the one-on-one sessions with the enthusiastic and knowledgeable program organizers and the mentors. The focused and tailor-made approach to address the company’s needs set this program apart from any other I have seen.”

Lesson learnt: “Simply reaching out to someone can bring a lot of help and value to the work at hand.

Grant du Toit from Symbytech: “I enjoyed the program as a whole and the connections we were able to develop

Lesson learnt: “Complete synergy and symbiosis within a team is extremely important to have a functioning and growing company.

Reuben Hazelzet from Captain Fanplastic: “I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The OHA program is a valuable program to any ocean startup. It gave us a sense of purpose, drive to make strategic decisions and great feedback from industry experts.”

Lesson learnt: “taking scalability as a starting point is always a good idea to focus on.

Marius Hugo from Mean Sea Level: “The community that OHA was able to bring together, the partners that were onboarded and the experts participating added great value to the program

Lesson learnt: “Networking, networking, networking

We are so incredibly proud of all the hard work and dedication that these startups have put in throughout the first cohort and we will definitely be keeping in touch.

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