Ecosystem Development Support

Through our multiple ecosystem programs such as Ocean Innovation Africa, we aim to showcase development opportunities in the African blue economy and establish collaborations to drive its growth.

Great Blue Wall

A wall against biodiversity loss and climate change through the promotion and development of grassroots regenerative Blue Economy in Africa.

  • OceanHub Africa is a founding partner of the Great Blue Wall, establishing a connected network of Nature and People Positive Seascapes in the West Indian Ocean.
  • IUCN-led Great Blue Wall initiative is aimed at replicating the Great Green Wall initiative and raising an initial $1.5bn to connect and protect a chain of seascapes in the Western Indian Ocean to further Blue Economy Growth from grassroots to system level, for the benefits of people and the ocean.

Ocean Innovation Africa

Inspire more entrepreneurs, entice more private investors and catalyze more partnerships
  • The purpose of the Ocean Innovation Africa Summit is to bring together the thought leaders and stakeholders of the ocean economy, demonstrate the economic viability of a decidedly more sustainable blue economy in Africa and inspire ocean-conscious entrepreneurs
  • There have been three editions since November 2019, with the next summit being hosted in February 2023. Click here to Pre-Register for the event.

1000 Ocean Startups

A coalition to accelerate Ocean Impact Innovation endorsed by UN Ocean Decade.

  • Protecting our Ocean requires a combination of awareness to change behaviors, new policies to create the framework for change and innovation to move into action.
  • Cofounded and co-led by OceanHub Africa as a member of the Advisory Network of the High Level Ocean Panel, the Coalition gathers ESO and VCs globally
  • OceanHub Africa is the permanent representative of 1000 Ocean Startups at the Global Ecosystem for Ocean Solutions (GEOS) program, led by Ocean Visions

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