About Us

Who Are We?

We are an ocean-impact catalyst with the mission to connect, inspire and support entrepreneurs, investors, researchers, businesses and other stakeholders to accelerate the development and adoption of new sustainable ocean solutions across Africa.

What do we do?


Support to the development of policies for the local Blue Economy in African Countries.

Eco-system Support

Thought leadership, matchmaking and convening within the African Blue Economy..

Our Core Team

Alexis Grosskopf

Founder & CEO

Herland Cerveaux

Chief Operations Officer

Nikita Kekana

Non-executive Director & Legal Advisor

Valery Bollier

Non-executive Director & Business Development Advisor

Nassima Sadar

Investment Advisor

Sabrina Long

Communications & Events Associate

Effuah Kwaw

Business Finance Specialist

Tariro Makanha

Project Associate

Our Partners

Our Ocean Hub Africa Members

Tumi Leie

Investment mentor – GAIA Fund

Sophie Mahlogonolo


Gulsah Dogruer

Marine pollution expert

Warren Ndlovu

Business mentor

Guy Antoine

Investment mentor

Ann Lamont

Business mentor

Frederik Gerner

Business mentor – The Ocean Cleanup

Kiendel Burritt

Investment mentor – Digital African investment

Lynton Burger

Advisor, Business mentor

Andrew Gwadiva

Advisor and Expert

Giovanna Fasanelli

Impact mentor

Bas Hochstenbach

Business mentor – E4E Africa

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