Our Startup Portfolio

Meet the visionary entrepreneurs driving ocean innovation through OceanHub Africa. Our diverse portfolio features startups from across the African continent, united by their dedication to building businesses rooted in ocean solutions across various industries. 

These pioneering businesses have been nurtured through our acceleration program, divided into cohorts by year. While some impactful ocean startups may not be part of our acceleration program, they have benefitted from our consulting services or participated in other specialised programs. 
Explore the incredible stories and transformative journeys of these entrepreneurs who are shaping the future of ocean-based solutions.


"The program is a super MBA Class, that gives both theory and practice"
Mazingira Yetu Organization
"The program helped to align the team by providing actionnable insights"
Greenway Africa
"Well done on providing a world-class program for an African cohort! The quality of the team is fantastic, and the content is super useful. I think this program has scope to grow from strength to strength over the coming years."
Brayfoil Technologies
"Very well structured, with good networks and a helpful and engaged team. Provides a great foundation for an entrepreneur starting out and engaging with the blue economy"
Cohort 1 Entrepreneur
"The organising team is cooperative, active and very supportive to all participants"
Cohort 2 Entrepreneur
"The program is relevant and helpful for the growth and expansion of startup"
Plant Biodefenders

Cohort 1 – 2020

Our first cohort of start-ups consisted of six ocean-minded entrepreneurs that were shortlisted among +30 applications.

shark safe

Shark Safe Barrier

SharkSafe Barrier provides an environmentally friendly alternative to keeping both humans and marine animals safe


Growing up along the coast and witnessing the polluted state of the waters, Grant du Toit knew he would one day do work related to the ocean


Captain Fanplastic

Captain Fanplastic raises awareness about plastic and litter and inspires behavioral change in primary-school children . . .


Mean Sea Level

Traditionally, solar and wind power have become the go-to clean alternatives for energy generation, but Mean Sea Level is looking to add a new option to the mix by developing the world’s first truly...


There is a big problem in our oceans that many of us are not aware of, and that’s the amount of fish being caught simply to create fishmeal – something that has been produced for many, many years....


Impact-Free Water

Remember when Cape Town was experiencing its devastating drought and we couldn’t understand how a coastal city could not have sufficient water? Turns out that gaining potable water from the ocean is...

Cohort 2 – 2021

Our second cohort of start-ups consisted of six ocean-minded entrepreneurs that were shortlisted among +130 applications.

Arena Recycling - Tanzania

Arena Recycling offers Eco-Building Materials made from recycled plastic waste for construction projects using polymer-sand....

Brayfoil Technologies - South Africa

Increasing the performance and reliability of wind turbines by working with turbine manufacturers to implement patented morphing wing technology into their....

GIVO - Nigeria

GIVO works toward creating a circular economy for communities in Africa by leveraging technology to collect and process recyclables into consumer and industrial....

Green Ocean Namibia - Namibia

Green Ocean Namibia is facilitating accessibility of sustainable fish products and creating decent income for small scale fisherman in....

Plant Biodefenders Company Ltd. - Tanzania

Offering VURUGA BIOCIDE, which is an effective, affordable and safe biopesticide, to achieve management of pests, profitable crop production and reduced pollution of runoffs entering the....

SOSO Care - Nigeria

SOSO Care is reducing plastic pollution and improving access to quality healthcare for millions of Nigerians by offering a low-cost health insurance accepted by 1000 hospitals and which uses...

Cohort 3 – 2022

Our third cohort of start-ups consisted of six ocean-minded entrepreneurs that were shortlisted among +130 applications.

Think Bikes - Nigeria

Think Bikes reduces greenhouse gas emissions by providing clean transportation alternatives. They manufacture electric cargo bikes designed to meet...


Happy Pads - Ethiopia

Happy Pads is a female-founded social enterprise promoting access to eco-friendly hygiene products for women, while reducing plastic pollution...


Scrapays - Nigeria

Scrapays aims at powering the future of “Recycling as a Business” as a way to scale waste management while promoting job creation...

SeaH4 - South Africa

SeaH4 offers the maritime sector an alternative to fossil fuels to decarbonize at scale, reducing GHG emissions. Their algae-based biofuel...

Eja-iCe - Nigeria

Eja-Ice tackles the challenge of fish post-catch loss affecting small-scale fishers due to insufficient access to cold-chain facilities...

Kumbatia Seafood - Kenya

Kumbatia Seafood links marine ecosystem conservation and sustainable livelihood in coastal communities. They provide...

Cohort 4 - 2023

Our fourth cohort of start-ups consisted of eight ocean-minded entrepreneurs that were shortlisted among +130 applications.

Healthy Seaweed Co. Limited - Tanzania

Healthy Seaweed Co. Limited produces high-quality seaweed-based food to increase local consumption and create markets for female...


Reef Pulse - Réunion

Reef Pulse develops decision-support solutions for coral reef conservation stakeholders through non-intrusive...


Akili Community Evolution - South Africa

Akili Community Evolution tackles the challenge of plastic and e-waste by repurposing components from...

ReNile - Egypt

ReNile offers end-to-end solutions for smart farming, focusing on water, air...


Tunisia Baits - Tunisia

Tunisia Baits uses marine worms to present an alternative and sustainable source of...


Sealife Organics Ltd - Mauritius

Sealife Organics utilises seaweed and green waste to create affordable and organic agricultural...

D-Olivette Enterprise - Nigeria

D-Olivette Enterprise converts household waste into clean energy, organic fertiliser...


Kuza Freezer - Kenya

Kuza Freezer provides innovative and low-cost solar-powered freezers to small- scale businesses...

Other Startups

                Startups from different programs that OceanHub Africa supported

EcoAct - Tanzania

Addressing the challenges of post-consumer plastic pollution, waste management, deforestation and climate change through the creation of...

Greenway Africa - South Africa

Greenway is a social enterprise providing techological solutions and professional advisory services for waste management...

Alma - Mozambique

Alma run several projects aimed to raise awareness amongst communities, stakeholders and tourists to recycle, and upcycle waste...

Mazingira Yetu Organization - Kenya

Green Ocean Namibia is facilitating accessibility of sustainable fish products and creating decent income for small scale fisherman in....

Abalobi - South Africa

ABALOBI is a South African-based, global social enterprise seeking to contribute towards thriving, equitable, Climate Change resilient and...

Pluvi (ST Manufacturing) - South Africa/Italy

ST Umbrellas (founded in 2011) partnered with PLV (founded in 2016) guaranteeing the manufacturing of Pluvi brand products and...

NovFeed - Tanzania

NovFeed is a biotech company registered in 2020. They have developed a biotechnological platform designed to transform organic waste into ...